Hello everyone, I am the new assigned president of house Slytherin. There will be a new order and some authoritative positions: vice president and secretary. Please let me know if you want to run for vice or secretary. I am a friend that you can ask your questions about our house, its history, qualities, and missions. You can always contact me on issues regarding Sltherins. Within two days, you will receive a mail if you were elected to be a member of Slytherin honor court, that will be selected by website's admins. Besides, I fully support our Slytherin Quidditch team! Go Slytherins! Sincerely, Melisa Droita - President of House Slytherin
Good Afternoon Melisa I am very interested in having an active role in this new order (either vice or secretary). I am Sytherin’s Quidditch Captain and I love and support all of my fellow house members. If you check out my wall you will see some amazing creative writing from many Slytherins pertaining to Quiddich which I am passionate about. My goal is to always lift and inspire people. I want fellow Slytherins to feel that their opinions matter. I really enjoy HiH and want to ensure everyone is treating each other respectfully so we can all have fun. Please add yourself to the private group – Slytherin Quidditch Team to meet the players if you’re interested. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely Evangeline Gossamer

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