"Hogwarts Entertainment Magazine, Issue 16" is out now!

In case you haven't seen already, the new issue of the Hogwarts Entertainment Magazine is out! We have some fantastic articles this issue; and also used the excuse of December to make some of our articles Christmas-themed, so if you're in the mood for festivities or just want to do some light reading, follow the link below to access the latest edition! Unfortunately, the HEM uploader we use is currently glitching out and we're trying to sort it, but for now, you can access it via the link here: http://www.calameo.com/read/00536999735ed24819dd6 ~~~~~ (The Hogwarts Entertainment Magazine is a student-run HiH magazine created in 2015 by Lilia Le Fay, with information on the latest happenings on-site as well as a whole load of other articles written for your entertainment. It was made official in 2017 and all previous issues can be found under the "Magazine" tab [there's some problems uploading the lastest issue so you'll have to follow the direct link above for that one, but all the others should work]) ~~~~~ Hope you enjoy!

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