Dean of Students Announcement

Dear students, I was appointed as Dean of Students by the Staff. What does this mean? It means I will work as a direct channel between the student body and the Staff. In other words, feel free to contact me by owl with any questions, doubts, issues, suggestions, critics, concerns or even praises regarding the HiH. I will try to answer in a timely fashion, and I guarantee that all inquiries will be replied. I do not guarantee absolute answers, but at least you will know your inquiry was addressed and you will receive some feedback about it. Many of you know that the Staff does not administer the site which, sometimes, causes some frustrations as the administrator is not always available to deal with urgent matters. We do our best and believe me when I say the Staff has an excellent team, very well organized and competent. My first action as Dean of Students is to open a Support Office, as an open access group in the Groups&Roleplays menu, where everyone is welcome to post questions, suggestions, doubts, critics, praises, concerns and actually get an answer, even if vague, as long as you follow the group’s rules. Also, do not expect immediate reply, due to timezones and Muggle responsibilities it might take more than 1-2 days for me to answer, but remember, no post shall be ignored. Join the DoS Support Office here: Additionally, I expect to have more students engaged with academics and with that in mind, I am planning a few surprises… Yours sincerely, Magdalena Dalloway

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