Leona Atherton
   Ministry Intern (AMR)
I am working as an intern in the Accidental Magic Reversal Department of the Ministry of Magic in London. #NewtScamanderismyhero
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My Backstory
I am originally from Cambridge, England, and I am in my seventh year here at Hogwarts. Early in my years as a student here, I had my sights set on becoming a healer or doctor, but I found a home in fixing what goes wrong on a daily basis; basically, I was made for the AMR Dept.

So, I'm taking the last of my classes while also working part-time as an intern at the Ministry of Magic as a member of their Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. One good thing about this internship is that it's never boring. I am writing a book, which is in the Hogwarts library. If you're interested about what goes on when magic goes awry and how we fix it, I hope you'll check it out!

Other things of note:
Wand: Chestnut wood with a Unicorn hair core 10 ¾" and Unyielding flexibility
Patronus: St. Bernard Dog