Harry Potter And Doctor Who, The Last Of The Space Wizards
[No Name]
This years DADA teacher, is a weird man named The Doctor. But there is something strange about that man. He disappears every now and then, and so does Hogwarts's newest decoration, the TARDIS. One day, Harry Ron and Hermione, make the risk of following the Doctor one night. They end up trapped inside the TARDIS, and the weirdest, it is huge from the inside. The Doctor finds them in one of the TARDIS rooms, and takes them with him, for that nights adventure in time and space! (Note that one or two chapters will be added every week, so keep coming back for more of the story. Any questions, please comment in the book review box below. Also please tel your dorm mates about this, and bring more poeple to read this. Thank You, Adrian Varnavas-Diakidis.) Start Reading