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Harry Potter And Doctor Who, The Last Of The Space Wizards

Chapter 1 of 4

Hermione Stepped Forward. "Doctor...Who?"

It was the
eleventh of September. Hogwarts was open once again, ready to fill the young
minds it hosted, with its teachings. Dumbledore, had already given his speech,
and the first years, were sorted into their houses. The sorting hat sang a
silly song this year, bringing joy and laughter to the Great Hall. Harry, Ron
and Hermione, where siting at the Gryffindor table as always.

“We have
another announcement! This year’s new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, is
going to be…The Doctor.” The headmaster said, in his loud, low pitched voice.

filled the great hall.

“The what?”


“Did he say,
the Doctor?”

“But we have
Madam Pomfrey.”

what a name!”

“Where did
Madam Pomfrey go?”

“Is this
another joke?”

“The Doctor,
is that his name?” Hermione made a face.

“Dunno, probably
another random person chosen.” Ron talked with his mouth open, and turkey fell

“Eww Ron!”


“That’s gross!”

“Say that
again and I will show you who is gross!”

“Calm down you
two. Please don’t start fighting again.” Harry said getting up from his seat. “Come
on. Let’s go to our dorms.”

While the
three where leaving the Great Hall, they noticed something.

“Hey, look who’s
got a new decoration!” Ron said with excitement.

He approached the
blue box. It was small, blue, and locked. It was a phone box, but the phone was
from the outside.

“What is this
doing here?” Hermione asked.

“Is it magical?”
Harry tried the door, but it was locked.

IS!!!” A voice said that made Harry jump. “It is the TARDIS! It’s actually more
scientific than magical. I am The Doctor by the way! What are your names?”

stepped forward. “Doctor…Who?”