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Chapter One

See you did it! I knew you could. Welcome to my guide to using what people dont know about you to get your own way! Everyone thinks that Hufflepuffs are sugar and spice and everything nice, but that is not what we are. Sure we believe in equality and loyalty, love, but that's not the point! Hufflepuffs are deadly. They could kill you and you'd never see them coming. I would never kill an innocent person and I mean I wouldn't kill a bad person... Ok so I wouldn't kill a person but that doesn't mean I'm not intimidating! Hufflepuffs also make great liars. People always trust a Hufflepuffs word. But I've never lied. We can also be horrible friends. Utterly destroying your trust. But I could never do that someone, I mean hurt their feelings? Ok, I give up! Hufflepuffs are nice and gentle and loyal. But mess with our friends we will hunt you down and make you regret it.