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there is a fair maiden, who lives on the riverside. not knowing of the mortals, who lived on the other side. she caught at her memories, like leaves drifting down. but just like all fall leaves, they crackle to the ground. she had once asked her mother, to give her love and joy. but she had passed away shortly after, her memories washing away. she had taken a deep breath, and held the tears back. for she would not pollute the ocean, more than it already was. her thoughts and pain swirled inside her head, clearing out like a lone boat after a storm. with each shallow breath, she felt her old life slip away. she had been alive for thousands of years, and while in appearance she stayed young, in mind she had suffered all supposed wisdom away. she had enough food, and a contraption to clear the waters she was forced to drink out of the burning thirst that seared away all resolution.
but the only reason she stayed upright, was in faith of re-meeting those sea blue eyes.