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could you love a freak?

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chapter 1

I don’t know what happiness is nor can I show sadness...I don’t get mad, or Embarrassed. I’ve never been scared or surprised. Great school…. If I see Ameria I’ll show a “smile” or that’s what I thought it’s called. Anyways let's just get going
~at school~
I head to my locker and I noticed a note “meet me in the back. Under the cherry blossom tree after school.” This is...weird normally this doesn’t happen. I bet this is a joke. After that, I start to head to class when I see a familiar face in the crowd. Armeria looked at me and smiled widely. She’s never this happy
“MIZU.” She waived and started walking towards me. I wave back as she gets closer. “Not even a hello?” She pouts a little
“Fine. hi”I said in a monotone voice as she smiled again we start to head to class when she noticed the note in my hand and smirked
“You got a crush?” I shake my head “the prank?’ I nod “that’s stupid”
“I have a feeling on who it is...just not sure if it’s them”I could see as she was talking about it she got nervous.
“O-oh. Who?”
“I’m just gonna see what happens, ”I stated. She sighs
“If you say so. I’m not gonna say anymore.” she walked away. That’s not something she usually does she mostly just clings to me wherever we go. Anyways I get to class and noticed out the teacher was earlier than usual. That means I can’t go to the art room. but that's ok...not like I go there a lot