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1 - The Account

I was never supposed to know, was I? I just had to be on at that time. I had to open the link. I had to see her. I had to open my mouth. I was trapped.

It was a normal Friday, I was scrolling through my Instagram, looking at how much fun my friends were having at the trampoline park. Meanwhile I'm stuck at home with my broken ankle. Near the top of my feed I noticed an account that I've never seen before. I looked at their posts, one thing. It's a pretty strange thing to see for me. Their name was Echo61700. The one post was just a white background, the title was a three dots. The top and only comment was a link. I was skeptical whether it was a virus or not. I proceeded to press the link. "For better resolution use desktop" I listened and went to the link on my laptop. PinchOfUniverse. Weird name, okay. I hesitated for a moment, then finally decided to click on the link.