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Hermione Granger and the philosophers stone

Chapter 1 of 12

Professor McGonagall

A house in Hampstead Garden Suburb in north-east London was the home of Hermione Granger. She was an 10 year old girl in with very bushy brown hair and eyes and rather large front teeth. Her voice was bossy and when she got angry it becomes slightly shrill. But the thing with Hermione that made her special was that she seemed make things happen around her when she got angry or really felt any strong emotion. One time when she was trying to read a book during lunch break some girl disturbed her but suddenly as if their mouths got locked they shut up and left in fear and never disturbed her again. She just assumed that this was some sort of prank.

Hermione had a room on the first floor. It had light blue walls and decorations and most of all a lot of books neatly sorted in alphabetical order. Because in fact she was a huge bookworm and loved to study. Hermione´s room was also always clean and very nice looking and one day she was lying on her bed reading a particularly long book when her Mom called her name from downstairs. She came running down the stairs and saw both her parents in the hall with a tall, black-haired and a rather old lady dressed in emerald green robes. She did look very out of place and kept looking around as if their house was very strange.

“Oh, you must be Hermione!” she said excitedly when she noticed her. “I am Professor McGonagall and I teach at Hogwarts, I will tell you all about that in a second”

Hermione greeted McGonagall warmley because she had very good manners and they all sat down on the big couch in the living room.

“Of course you must be wondering why I am here” professor McGonagall said. “And I am here to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. Yes yes, I know you haven't applied to any schools this year but Hogwarts is certainly not a normal school for normal people. You tell me Ms Granger does unexplainable thing happen to you when you are for example angry?”

“Yes it does, but how on earth do you know that?” She wondered.

“Hermione, it happens to be so that you are a witch, and you will certainly be a very good one once you learned the basics.”

“Oh Hermione, that is so amazing!” mrs. Granger said happily. “But how? When? Why?”

They didn’t doubt that McGonagall was joking for a second because she looked so strict and serious

“Yes I will answer all of your questions on our way to Diagon Alley,” McGonagall said but when she saw their wondering faces she quickly explained that it is an all wizards street where you can buy supplies needed for school.”

“I can drive us there, but where exactly is it?” mr. Granger asked

“Diagon Alley is located in central London, and it would be absolutely perfect if you could drive us” she said and stood up to go outside.

When they were in the car on their way to central London Hermione could not hold the questions in any more so she asked everything she could come up with

“How exactly do you get to Hogwarts?”

“By a train called the hogwarts express, you can take it at kings cross station on platform 9 ¾ on September the 1st”

“What kind of supplies are we going to buy?”

“Oh normal stuff like books, robes, a wand and other stuff” she answered very casually

“A wand?” Hermione blurted out “now this is getting weird, but are you also a witch?”

“Yes of course, do you want to see?

Hermione nodded very fast so she got dizzy but McGonagall just laughed and pulled out a wand and wiped it around so there flew sparks.

“Wow, am I going to be able to do that?

“Oh yes, you will most certainly be able to do even more”

“Stop the car we have arrived” she suddenly said very rapidly

“Are you sure? I can’t see any shops to buy wands or stuff like that” said mrs. Granger.

”Can you see the leaky cauldron over there” she said and pointed at a pub that looked very old and as it was about to fall in. And indeed there was a sign saying the leaky cauldron over the door.

Hermione had never noticed it before, it was like you only knew about it if someone told you because everyone’s eyes on the street seemed just to go over the shop like it was invisible to them. Mr, Granger parked the car and they walked inside and it was very dark and shabby. A few old women were sitting in a corner, drinking tiny glasses of sherry. One of them was smoking a long pipe. A little man in a top hat was talking to the old barman, who was quite bald and looked like a gummy walnut.
She was starting to doubt this choice to come with McGonagall but she just simply led them through to the back door, she taped the brick wall with her wand three times and the bricks started to move soon Hermione saw an archway on to a cobbled street which twisted and turned out of sight.