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shoot me

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im breaking

im breaking

everything hurts, physically and mentally.

anxiety's destroying me

I can't handle it anymore
I want it to stop

im scared
im scared of people
im scared of everything

no body can help me.

I don't know what to do-
I want to end this- I want to end this stupid stupid life.

I want to come back- no I want to be born again, a new person, a new life-

im broken.

im scared to walk down a street, it seems like such a big task-

I have to walk from school to the town courts- and im scared. im shaking and crying because I don't want to go. im too scared.

im scared hes going to break up with me.

im scared my parents are going to hurt me.

im scared of my class- at school.

I can't handle it anymore
im crumbling.