The Heir
Dove Dumbledore
hi! my name is Ashlynn Rose Dragonfire. it might seem to you i'm like the cousin of Draco Malfoy, Which i am. but don't judge me. it is kind of weird being related to a bunch of pure blood slytherin's (did i get that right?) even though i don't really fit in with my extended family, i still love them. even if they are kind of... how do i put this? dark? evil? all of them are like that but my aunt and cousin. they took me in after the dark lord killed my parents and tried to kill me. i kind of remember it... i remember seeing him casting the curse and then a weird rainbow shield covering me. i then passed out and not remembering the rest. my aunt says that i was lucky to get out of it with only a nasty scar over my left eye. my eye turned white because of the curse but i can see just fine out of it. i hide it with a bandage because my aunt says it might scare people. my life is odd, my first year in Hogwarts when we went shopping for stuff... well let me tell you... Start Reading