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The Heir

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i'm surrounded by idiots.

"Ash! wake up!" my cousin shouted from his room.
"mho mphay" i grumbled in my pillow. a few seconds later the covers were taken off of me.
"oh Draco, you are such a jerk!" i yelled at him, starting to hit him with my pillow. "why thank you!" he answered smugly, trying to dodge my pillow. "fine! i'm up! now get out so i can get ready for breakfast!" "ok!"he said as i got out of my bed. "try not to drown!" "gosh Draco why do you HAVE to make that stupid joke every morning?!?!" "cause it's funny." Draco smugly replied. for some weird reason i glared at him SO deathly that he put his hands up in defeat. "ok OK i'm getting out of your stupid room!" Draco shouted. "is everything OK up there" my aunt shouted. "yea everything is OK mom!" draco shouted back. once Draco had left my room i made my way to my closet. I took out my jean shorts and my white tank top. i also took my rainbow tie-dyed towel i found at a muggle carnival. i went to a secret passage to the girl's bathroom. it was HUGE! it had a HUGE jetted tub! and five toilets. i filled the tub with hot water and took a bath. when i was done i got out, dried off, and got dressed. i took the secret stair case that goes into one of the formal sitting rooms next to the kitchen and closed the door. i then made my way to the kitchen and sat down eating the pancakes that my aunt had made. "guess what?" my aunt squealed sarcastically. "i found a boy to make an arranged marriage for you ash!" "i'm surrounded by idiots." i said, rolling my eyes. a few hours later we went to diagon alley to get supplies for school. the first shop we went to was Olivander's because my aunt said wands are the most important thing and we should start with that first. so, once we were inside we were greeted by Olivander, the nice old man who had helped my mom and dad when they were broke. then, Draco got to try out wands first. when he got his, i tried literally ALL the wands in the shop except for one, which was locked in some vault, hidden in the smallest room in the shop. Olivander was super nice and let me try the wand out. it turns out, that the wand was actually a dragon heart string wand, made of dark oak wood. when i tried it, the wand chose me and we bought it for three galleons.