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The Black crow

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The Black crow

Hello... I'm cassieā€¦.
I have no friends well I do have Charlotte but no one else...
I love crows and I'm also a demon... I hide my eyes... people do come up to me and ask I just say "I hate the colour of my eyes" it was true... my eyes are blood red...


I woke up and yelled "EEK HOGWARTS!"
I might have said that too loud because my brother Aaron yelled at me "Bloody hell shut up and get out of your pajamas! were leaving!"

I threw a hairbrush at him and said "geez... rude much"

he laughed and threw it back I said "okay go Aaron!"

he said "alright GET READY!"

I said "I will I will..."

I put on a black shirt, black shorts and a red oversized hoodie and my black mask well cloth you could say I tied the cloth/mask around my eyes and yelled down stairs "COMING!"

and then.. this is the start of the....