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my school dairy

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my hogwarts letter

hello im Dan. and i will tell you my story. i live in privet drive, near dursley house, my mother muggle father too, but im wizard. on 31 july owl give me letter and i read it:
dear mr. Dan
you are wizard, and you need to go hogwarts.
my mom start be glad, i goes to bar of only wizard can see, i entered but my mom, cant see the bar.
in the bar stay 5 peoples, one of there is a 2 meter height, he coming with me and say: "you want to enter diagon alley?" i answered: "yes" he said: "follow me." we go to behind the bar and i see brick wall. the guy draw out pink umbrella and hit some bricks and the wall crashed and i see big alley, the guy say: "my name is hagrid"