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The Diary of Hermione Granger

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Hermione Jean Granger

Monday, August 19th, 1991

Dear Diary,

My name is Hermione Jean Granger, and I am eleven years old. My parents thought it might be interesting for me to keep a diary, so I went along with it and here we are!
They bought me a most beautiful book. You are the loveliest chocolate brown leather, with a dark blue ribbon to tie in a bow to keep you shut. Mum and Dad said that this book caught their attention, because it is very similar to my own eye colour. They also went to the liberty to get my name stamped in silver on the back, so that I don't lose it. I love to be able to look at it and see 'Hermione J. Granger' in glossy silver. It adds a lovely finishing touch, if you ask me.
When they gave it to me, (wrapped in a lovely powder blue paper and a shiny midnight blue ribbon), they told me that they had intended to wait until my birthday to give it to me (my birthday is September 19th) but they decided to present it to me earlier.
I love it very much, and I will do my very best to write to you every day, like a true friend would.
Now perhaps I should tell you a bit about myself.
My full name is Hermione Jean Granger. (But I've told you that before).
I was born September 19th, 1979.
I have very bushy brown hair, a few freckles and dark brown eyes.
I love reading very much.
I love school.
I think that will be all for now, but I will write again soon.

Love from