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Dudley's Daughter

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Chapter 1- Recap

Since July 31st, 1991 my life has been anything but ordinary. On this day my cousin, Harry, turned 11 years old and found out that he was a wizard. It had already been a crazy week because my Dad kept driving us around and moving us from hotel to hotel. It had something to do with owls and letters. Dad didn’t want Harry to read the letters that kept coming to the house, but the owls kept coming. Dad had us on a small island in the middle of a thunderstorm when just after midnight, on Harry’s birthday, a huge “man” that was nothing but hair on his head and face came knocking on the door. He told Harry that he was a wizard, he was going to a wizard school, and how Harry’s parents really died. I didn’t really care about any of that because I was so hungry and there was chocolate cake to eat. I was trying to stay out of the way and eat cake when suddenly I felt something growing out of my backside. The huge, hairy man had put a spell on me somehow and now I had a pig tail. This would be just one of the terrifying things that would happen to me until Harry turned 17 years old.
The first summer after Harry went off to his wizard school I was terrified of Harry. He would walk around the house and chant spells at me. I tried to stay away from him as much as I could. I was scared that he would give me back the pig tail that Mum and Dad had removed from my backside. It was only after Harry smashed Mum’s desert all over the kitchen floor that we all found out Harry couldn’t do magic outside of school. An owl flew into the house with a letter that yelled at Harry about using outside of school. I wasn’t scared of Harry much after that because Dad locked him in his bedroom. Some of his friends came and broke him out, but he was gone for the rest of summer so there really wasn’t anything for me to worry about. I went to school, hung out with my gang, and enjoyed eating and drinking whatever I wanted while at school. I really didn’t have any worries.
The second summer Harry still couldn’t do magic, but it didn’t stop him from blowing my aunt, Marge, up into a huge balloon. After blowing up Aunt Marge, Harry went and grabbed all his stuff and went to go out the front door. Dad was so angry at Harry, but Harry threated to put a spell on him so Dad just let him go. Dad figured that Harry wouldn’t have any place to go and would be back. Harry never did come back, but a group of people in strange clothes came to the house and helped to get Aunt Marge back down. They did some spell on Aunt Marge and she didn’t remember anything that happened to her. Mum and Dad told me to just forget about it, but I did have nightmares for a few months afterwards. I was scared Harry would do it to me. I started to eat more when I was at school to overcome the fear that Harry would blow me up.
The third summer Harry was home from his school I was put on a strict diet. My own school had told Mum that I weight too much and the school didn’t have uniforms for me anymore. It was awful. Mum took away all my favorite snacks and would only let me eat fruits and vegetables. I hated it the whole time. The worst part of the summer was that some of Harry’s friends came to the house to take him back with them for the summer. That part was actually good, but one of his friends dropped some candy on the floor. I didn’t think it was anything bad so I ate it. The next thing I knew my tongue was so big that I couldn’t even keep it in my mouth. I thought I was going to die. The father of the kid that dropped the candy was a wizard and kept trying to help, but Mum and Dad wouldn’t let him help me. I think I must have passed out at some point because I don’t know how my tongue became normal again. After that I decided to stay away from Harry’s friends and any food they may have on them or they drop.
The fourth summer would change my life forever. While walking home from hanging out with my friends, I ran into Harry. We got in an argument when suddenly everything went cold. I couldn’t see anything. I told Harry that if he didn’t stop it that I would hit him. He kept telling me to shut up, but I knew it was him. I knew he was doing magic and he wasn’t allowed to. I swung out and hit something. Harry yelled and I knew I had made contact with his head. I started running from Harry, but I couldn’t see where I was going. I couldn’t run anymore and I was on the ground. Harry was pulling me up and dragging me back to the house. Someone was talking to him. I really didn’t understand what they were talking about. A woman said something about being a squib at least that is what I think she said. There is a man’s voice and he is talking about being undercover. I really couldn’t make anything out because I wasn’t feeling well at all. We made it back to the house and when Mum answered the door Harry let me go and I threw up all over the doormat. Dad and Mum helped me into the house and asked me who made me throw up. I told them it was Harry. Harry said it wasn’t him and it was some dementors or something like that hurt me. As I told Mum and Dad about being cold, hearing screaming in my head, and how I felt Harry answered and said that it felt like I would need be happy again. I just sat there remembering the screaming in my head. It was my screaming from when my pig tail was being removed. I was terrified the whole time it was being removed. Dad started to throw Harry out, but Mum got a letter from an owl. The letter started talking. It told Mum “Remember My Last, Petunia.” Mum fell into a seat beside me and told Dad that Harry was to stay with us. Mum then sent Harry to bed. I passed out at the dining table and woke up the next morning in my own bedroom. Mum and Dad kept Harry locked in his room and I didn’t go near him. He may not have put a spell on me, but it was his fault something attacked me. Whatever it was that attacked it was meant for him and they could have him. I never wanted to feel like that again. Three days after everything happened Mum and Dad took me out for the night. When we came home Harry was gone again. Honestly I really didn’t care if he came back or not. I wish he would stay away in his wizard world. But in the end, Harry came home at the end of his school year.
The fifth summer Harry’s headmaster, Dumbledore I think was his name, came to visit my home. He was a tall man that had a long beard and long hair. I was astonished to see him in my home, but was also scared. It always felt like when a wizard came to visit something bad happened to me. I followed Mum and Dad into the sitting room where Dumbledore had taken a seat in one of the armchairs. Mum, Dad, and I all sat on the couch after Dumbledore used his wand to make the couch come forward, knocked the knees out from under us causing us to sit on the couch, and then he sent the couch back to where it was before. I sat as close to Mum as I could. I really didn’t know what this man was going to do to us. Harry started to talk, but Dumbledore cut him off. I sat there in silence wondering what Harry was going to ask him, but suddenly Dumbledore was talking about refreshments and then he waved his wand. A bottle and some glasses appeared in the air above him. The bottle poured a yellowish colored liquid into the glasses and then summoned over to each of us in the room. After what happened with the candy two summers ago I wasn’t going to touch the drink. The glass kept hitting me in the head, but I wasn’t putting one finger on it. I was trying to ignore the glass as Dumbledore began to talk to Harry about a will. Dad yelled out asking if Harry’s godfather was dead. Dumbledore confirmed this with a yes and continued to talk to Harry. I started thinking about how Harry had stayed in his room most of the summer and wasn’t really eating with us. Harry seemed sad most of the time. I just thought that he was upset he was back at the house and not with his friends. I never thought it could be something like his godfather dying. The glass was still hitting me in the head and I had put my arms over my head in hopes of stopping it. The liquid was spilling all over my head, but I still wasn’t going to touch it. Dad finally shouted at them both to stop the glasses to get off of us. Dumbledore waved his wand and the glasses went away. Dumbledore waved his wand again and there was a loud crack. There on Mum’s shag carpet was a creature with a snout nose, giant bat’s ears, and enormous bloodshot eyes. He was wearing nothing but dirty rags. I pulled my legs up off the floor and had them raised as high as I could in the air. I didn’t know what that thing was, but I didn’t want it to touch me in any way. Dumbledore called it Kreacher. Dumbledore told Harry that Kreacher belonged to him and to give him an order. Kreacher was yelling “Won’t, Won’t, Won’t” over and over again. I put my hands over my ears to block out the noise, but it was no use. Harry yelled at Kreacher to shut up and the creature fell on the floor and started to throw a tantrum that I couldn’t hear. I removed my hands from my ears and saw that the Kreacher wasn’t making any noise at all. He was throwing a fit and his mouth was open, but nothing was coming out. I just stared at him until I heard Harry tell him to go to Hogwarts and the creature was gone with a crack. I didn’t put my legs down off the couch as I was worried he could be back at any time. I just stared back and forth between Harry and Dumbledore. Dumbledore asked Harry if he was packed and of course Harry wasn’t ready so he ran upstairs to pack. Mum, Dad, and I just sat on the couch not moving. Dumbledore tried to ask Mum about her flowers, but she wouldn’t answer him. I really didn’t know what to do, but just sit there waiting for Harry and this man to leave. When Harry finally came back down with his stuff I felt relieved that they were going to leave and things would go back to normal, but then Dumbledore addressed my parents. He told them that Harry would be of age next year. Mum argued that wasn’t true because I was older and wouldn’t be 18 for 2 years. Dumbledore told Mum that in the wizard world 17 is adult. Dumbledore then told my parents that they had treated Harry cruelly and that they had treated me even worse. I didn’t know how to react. I wondered how my parents treated me worse than Harry. I heard Dumbledore say something about Harry coming back next summer, but my mind was on how my parents mistreated me. I couldn’t think of one time my parents mistreated me. There was the summer I was put on a diet, but that was actually a good thing. I lost weight and started to bulk up instead. I faintly had heard Harry say good-bye, but that was about it. I was lost in my own thoughts. I jumped when Dad said something about Dumbledore being crazy and off his rocker. The rest of the summer and the school year I couldn’t get out of my head about my parents and mistreating me.
The last summer I spent with Harry I really didn’t see him at all. He spent most of his time in his room. The first night he was back I could hear him crying in his sleep. It kept calling for Dumbledore. I heard him say don’t go and watch out. I began to think that something might have happened to Dumbledore over the school year. I remembered that Harry had lost his godfather and his friend Cedric not too long ago and when he lost them he had called their names out as well. Harry wouldn’t come out for food so I started to leave him tea outside his door. I didn’t want to bother him, but I knew I needed to help him somehow. At least I could help him to eat and drink something. He did save my life after all. Harry and Dad got in several arguments over the summer. Harry kept saying the guy that killed his mum and dad was back and was going to hurt Mum, Dad, and I. Even some of those magical people came and talked to Dad about the danger. Dad kept saying we would go with them into hiding, but then he would change his mind. The day we were supposed to leave Dad and Harry were arguing again. Dad didn’t want to go and Harry was telling him we had to go. Dad thought that the magic people wanted our house. Mum and I stood there while Harry and Dad argued. Then Harry got really upset and told Dad that the fog was the dementors. Harry told Dad to ask me about them and I chocked on my own spit a little. I asked Harry is there was more of those things and Harry said there was hundreds of them. I wasn’t going to go through that again. I told Dad flat out that I was leaving with the order people. That put an end to the argument. When the order people showed up I didn’t understand why Harry wasn’t coming with us. I thought we were all staying together so we could be save. Harry shouldn’t have been staying in the house if the house wasn’t safe. The order people were upset because Mum, Dad, and I didn’t know where Harry was going. Harry told the order people it didn’t matter because “we thought he was a waste of space”. I had spoken up then and told Harry I didn’t think he was a waste of space. I told him that he saved my life. Dad threw a fit about wanting to leave. I put out my hand and shook Harry’s hand. I told him I hope we got to see one another again. Harry said sure. I walked out the door and got into the car with my parents. I had been worried I would never see him again. My parents really had treated him like crap. I had treated him that way too. I knew I had been worse though because we were the same age. I should have done more to protect him or at least not been in on the horrible things my parents did to him. I decided while in that car ride away from Harry that if I ever saw him again I was going to do my best to be a better cousin to him. We couldn’t be best friends, but at least I could make his life easier and be his family in what he called the muggle world.
These were the summers I spent with Harry after he found out that he was a wizard. This isn’t the end of my story with Harry though. This is only a recap of our summers together. It would be 10 years later that the wizarding world and I would come face to face. That would be when my daughter, Evangeline, turned 6 years old, and my world would be turned upside down again.