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Hermoine's Diary 1

Chapter 2 of 8

My first day at Hogwarts

Oh,goodness you will never guess how my day went...ASTONISHING!
First of all , I am a Gryffindor with Harry Potter and dumb old Ronald Weasley who never ever stops eating what an idiot. The classes I am taking are Astronomy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfigurations, Potions, History of Magic and Herbology.
I met Neville on the bus to Hogwarts today ,and he was searching for his frog ,So I volunteered to help out and search then I met Harry and Ron and decided to become friends with them. In our first lesson of riding broomsticks I had a bit trouble, we were supposed to say" Up" but when I said "Up" the broomstick just rolled on the ground.
Though my friends are surprised I'm taking "a lot of classes" but I think I need to take even more classes".
Anyway I think I'm going to do some more studying and reading (I am quite an expert at reading). Farewell, Hermoine