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Finding a Way Back

Chapter 1 of 7

A New Dawn

It had been a month since I left my grandparents house for boarding school, (and my little brother, Jeremy, for day-care) we missed them so much and we were finally going back to see them by the end of February! Jeremy and I always loved staying at Grandma’s house, she would make us tea’s before bed, let us play where we liked and occasionally played with us. But when the month had ended something terrible happened.
Everyone was exited, Especially me, as today we were all going on the bus to spend the holidays at home or in my case, grandma’s. Finally it was Just Me and Jeremy left on the bus, and after a big day we couldn’t wait for some tea and a movie with grandma. Suddenly the bus slowed and came to a halt, We stepped out of it feeling exited, we were home, but to our surprise the bus left in a hurry and with a look of terror on the drivers face he was gone in a flash, Jeremy and I exchanged glances, and then we looked over at the house and saw why the driver acted in such hurriedness. Our grandmas house was almost haunted looking, creaking constantly in the wind.
Jeremy looked at the house horror struck. “Olivia, where’s Grandma’s house?” Jeremy said unsure of what else to say. “Um…I think this is Grandma’s house.” I said almost lost for words.