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Unveiling the truth

Chapter 1 of 2

A simple Station Girl

Elizabeth was a country girl, living on a farm in London, Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Pigs all of which she owned. She worked at the Station with her dad, Jerry, at that time life was easy, joyful even but she had a big future ahead of her and was yet to realize the struggles of life.

Every Morning Elizabeth would ride her horse up to the river, where she would read her book until Morning tea time. She would eat then go out to help on the farm with her dad, and every night she would make dinner out of the beef or lamb her dad's mates would give them for good work. One afternoon, on her birthday Elizabeth's dad told her, what he thought was good, news. "Elizabeth," he said looking at her. "y'know Jo Forders." "Yeah, what about him?" she said still not looking up from her plate of pork she'd cooked for that nights dinner. "Well he passed on a couple of days ago, and his boss wants me to take his place at the office." he said then stopped as he realized the expression on her face. "NO! " she said trying not to lose her temper "you can't, that's really far away and we will have to move house and say bye to our friends!" she said still not happy. "Darling, you know how much i want to stay but we would earn so much mor-" "I said NO!" she cut him off "i am happy with my life, i am not leaving weather you like it or not!" she got up from the table and stormed out of the room, she walked to her horse and rode of to the lake where she spent the night.