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Morning Routine At Home

Morning Routine:

I will wake up when my alarm goes off, at 6:00, and then immediately put my glasses on, because sight is rather important.

Then I will read until about 6:45.

After that, I will make my bed, which I have to do every morning. I just feel so much more productive, and I think that you can’t be as productive if you don’t make your bed first thing in the morning.

Then I’ll get dressed in the outfit that I picked out the night before.

After that, before I go down for breakfast, I will proceed to the bathroom, in order to brush my teeth and hair and wash my face and hands. As it’s me, I will of course be reading. (Depending on the day, I will take my clothes in with me and have a shower.)

Then I’ll go back into my room and just do some gentle stretching.

Then I’ll fold my pajamas, put them under the bedclothes, grab my book, and head downstairs.

I usually will have some sort of cereal, toast with butter, eggs from the chickens, or fruit, (eg., apple with peanut or almond butter,) but if it’s Sunday, my mother usually makes pancakes. I have some sort of herbal tea every morning, usually mint or my favourite tea, Vanilla Honeybush. And, again, I’m reading. Who doesn’t read at the breakfast table?

After I am finished, I will wash up the dishes that I used, including any I used to cook with, if I made a hot breakfast.
Then I will proceed back upstairs and review the to-do list that I wrote the night before, prioritizing what needs to get done first, and what can be done last. Then I’ll do all of the small things on my list and check them off.

Once I’ve done about half an hour of productive things, I’ll go up to my computer and check my email.

Then I will set an alarm for fifteen minutes or less and just quickly check my social media (eg. Hogwarts is Here, Pottermore, Hogwarts Extreme, and WizardingWorld.) As I don’t have an iPhone and will not be getting one until I can pay for it myself, I don’t have all the typical social medias, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, so it’s less easy to get sucked into the wonders of the Internet.

After that, I will log off the computer and just go outside. Some of the things I might do include taking the dog for a walk, taking a stroll about the garden, or even going for a short run.

Once I’m back inside, the last thing I’ll do before proceeding with the rest of my day is write in my diary. I don’t do this every morning, but it is a very nice feeling to confide in a diary in the morning. If you don’t already keep a diary, I would suggest it. If I don’t write in the morning, I may do it at night, but again, I don’t write in my diary every day.