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The Diary Of Celestia Granger

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How It all Began

It was a rainy Morning for the Granger's, In there Living room was Hermione Granger, Reading a book called, “Wandering with Werewolves, By Gilderoy Lockhart.”, But that’s not who were talking about today, in the kitchen was where Celestia was, Making sure she packed all of her books, “mum, when do we leave?” she asked, “in a few minutes Celestia.” her mother answered, “alright.” Celestia said and closed her trunk and pulled it to the front door of there house, Celestia is Different Than Hermione, She has Straight Dark brown hair and white eyes, She really ever smiled yet she always acted Happy like nothing was wrong, Celestia Walked upstairs and grabbed her journal, “Celestia it’s time to go!” her Mother yelled, “alright!” Celestia said and walked down the stairs and grabbed her Trunk and got into the car.

Celestia got out of the car and grabbed her trunk, "alright girls you Know what to do." Her mother said, "right." Hermione said and ran into the wall, soon after Celestia Ran throw the barrier, she fell down from someone standing in the way, "What the hell!" Celestia screamed, "s-sorry.." A girl said, "I'm Ginny Weasley, a first year you?" The Girl asked, "Oh I'm Celestia Granger, I'm a first year too!" Celestia said Smiling, "that's cool!" Ginny said, "um... I think we should go get on the train." Hermione said, "alright." Celestia said and grabbed my Trunk and got on to the train, "I'm going to go sit with Ginny, Bye Hermione!" Celestia said and walked away to go find Ginny, A few Minutes later I found her sitting with her brothers, "Hey Celestia!" she said, "hey Ginny!" Celestia said and sat down, and She started to talk to Ginny,
after a few Hours we were finally at Hogwarts, "lets go get onto a boat." Ginny said, "wait what? a boat!?!?" Celestia said nervously, "yes Celestia, A boat know lets go!" she smiled and pulled my hand,
when Celestia and the others were at the great hall the Professor started to call names up, it wasn't that long until Celestia had her name called
"Celestia Granger." the professor said

A/H: should Celestia be in Slytherin or in Gryffindor with her sister?