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The Niffler Diaries

Chapter 1 of 5

Oreo's Origins

Knockturn Alley is bustling with wizards and witches who look a bit shady. Night has fallen and the Alley is full of Dark wizards and witches. Borgin's & Burke's, the leading Dark artefact shop in England, is about to close, but the shopkeeper finds something strange.
"Squeak!", pipes something in the corner.
"What the bloody hell?", growled the shopkeeper, Scowl.
Scowl looked around, walking slowly across the Cursed Jewelry section. Then, the thing squeaked again, but this time, a bit quieter.
"Alright, who is in here... Show yourself!" Scowl stomped around, finally coming to the Vanishing Cabinet. He put on some dragon hide gloves on, because this was the last functioning Vanishing Cabinet in England. He quickly opened the doors, seeing nothing but a small rodent. In its hand was an amulet inscribed with runes.
"Why you little...I'll teach you a lesson," said Scowl, as he picked up his wand.
"Avada Ked-"
Suddenly, the door opened and a large figure stood in its place.
"Is this teh Flesh Eatin' Slug Repellent store? Wait, what ah ya doin'?!" Rubeus Hagrid stepped forward and took out his pink umbrella. A blast of red light shot from the tip and Scowl was knocked back, into a group of crystal balls. With Scowl stunned, Hagrid went to the cabinet, picked up the creature, and put it in his pocket.
"There ya go, little feller."
Hagrid got back on the flying motorcycle and flew back to Hogwarts.