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Outcast (unfinished)

Chapter 2 of 5

Chapter 2

Chapter 2
I glanced around the clan, my heart swelling with pride for the clan I had built. As I looked around the camp I saw Alderstrike standing and watching while Tigerpaw was leaping at a tree and shredding its bark with terrifying ferocity. Hmm, i’ll have to keep and eye on him. I thought, calling Alderstrike to my den. “Alderstrike, I’m worried about Tigerpaw,” I said, Alderstrike nodded, “You saw how he was shredding the tree, I saw something in his eyes that I don’t like.” Alderstrike said, I nodded and said, “I need you to keep an eye on him,” I said, glancing at Tigerpaw. “Will do Ashstar,” Alderstrike said.“Thank you Alderstrike,” I said, dismissing him. After Alderstrike had left I got up and paced around my den, wondering what to do with Tigerpaw.
I left my den and walked to the medicine den, to talk to Sweetroot, she wasn’t there.
I’ll just talk to her later. I thought. After eating a mouse I walked up to Sweetroot, as she had gotten back from gathering herbs, and told her exactly what I thought. “We’ll wait and see where his loyalties lie.” Sweetroot said, sorting the comfrey and burdock roots. “You’re right, he’s probably not a bad cat, just eager to learn and be the best he can,” I said, trying to convince myself. Sweetroot must have seen the doubt in my eyes. She Nodded and went back to sorting herbs. I padded outside and went to visit the younger kits, Hawkkit, Shadowkit, and Sunkit. When I got there, the kits were fast asleep in their nest, so I began to leave. At the entrance of the den I trampled on a twig, waking the kits.
“ASHSTAR! COOL! I DIDN’T KNOW YOU CAME TO THE NURSERY!” Shadowkit said in awe, her hazel eyes widening. “Yes, I do, I love my whole clan and I was checking on you.” I said softly, looking at them warmly. “Cool……..” Sunkit said, her green eyes full of knowledge. “Okay, kits, I have to go now, so you be good and go back to sleep. Okay?” I said, backing out of the nursery. “Okay Ashstar!” The kits said, closing their eyes.