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Dear Diary

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Chapter 1

Dear Diary,

May and I bake cookies today. But May was such a bad baker that our first batch of cookies got burn!!! Seriously!!! I was a better baker than her so I bake all the cookies. One of my favorites, Cheez Doodle cream cookies. No joke. I actually use Cheez Doodles, the cheesy chips. I put in all the regular ingredients for cookies, butter, eggs, flour, milk, etc. But my secret recipe for the cookies was crushed Cheez Doodle chips. I pour out a bowl of the chips and add a bit of cream to it, then I crushed it over and over until the mixture was crunchy and mushy. Then I add the mixture into the cookie batter. Its good. But seriously, May ate all the cookies. And I had to bake a new batch. Like, 3 more batches just in case. I mean, she's a nice friend and all, but she seriously love to eat. Today was good though. Not bad, not great, just plain good. 'Night.

Love, Kayla