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Dear Diary

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Chapter 2

Dear Diary,

Today, my class had a bake sale to raise money for the Pennies for Patients thingy. I mean, we're in middle school and everything, and we still do these stuffs. How..... Ugh. But the only good thing was that I get to bake all the treats!!!! I bake all my specialties. The Cheez Doodle cream cookies, of course, the chocolate molten mini cakes, cheesecake crumble, cherry and egg pie, butterscotch pudding, and my most famous and secret recipe, chocolate and red velvet heart cupcakes. One bite into that and your hearts gonna melt along with it. Its actually famous. There was a contest for best cupcake in our school and my secret recipe cupcake won the prize, a 600- dollar scholarship foe college!!!! Anyway, so many people brought our stuff that in less than 20 minutes, everything was sold and they gave us more money than we sold the treats for. I'm not kidding!!! We made, like, 200 dollars!!!!!! Gotta sleep now!! Tell you more tomorrow!!!

Dearly, Kayla