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Full Moon

Chapter 1 of 3


Friday,June 19
Hi,Diary! My name is Kyla, and guess what species I am? You’re probably guessing human, right?Wrong! I’m a wolf! Crazy, right? You wanna know how I found you? I was a stray wolf living in the alleyway. I was known for my fierceness there. One day, I saw a notebook on the ground. I tried to avoid touching it because it would ruin my reputation. But it got harder and harder every day. I just had to touch you. When I (finally) touched you, it felt like, every ounce of my will to be fierce was drained. Let’s just say we have been besties forever, so that if my little brother finds this, he will think that I had kept it forever.

Saturday,June 20
Today I met this girl named Luna.She actually understood our language without us having to teach her! I think she is a wolf-turned-girl. I feel like, now I can finally restart my life!She said tomorrow I can start to learn her language, English!

Sunday, June 21
The English class was horrible.I’m not saying that Luna was a bad teacher, it was a bad student kind of story.If I was Luna, I would say that I was a bad student too.After that I met up with my rat friend,Tom. I tried to teach him English.It was even more disastrous than my class, and that’s saying something.

Monday, June 22
Today is the full moon!!! I am so excited!!! I don’t think I’m gonna write too much in here!!!