Short Story 1 - "A Tale of Two Wands"

Short Story 1 - “A Tale of Two Wands”


While I am quite new to the ways of Wizardkind, I am already on my third wand!

My first wand was given to me during my tenth year by my father. It was made of  Sycamore wood with a Dragon Heartstring core. Mum used to say that 'we should always give a name to gifts given to us to honor their importance in our lives'. So,  I named it "Apollonis". Apollonis was 12 ½ inches long and had a Surprisingly Swishy Flexibility. Sadly, Apollonis lost its magic while I was grieving over my mother's death and to my astonishment exploded one day, leaving me somewhat heartbroken.

Shortly before school started, my father gifted me with his childhood wand, while we waited for my specially designed wand to arrive from the New World. My father's old wand is simple, but elegant. It is made of the finest Ashwood and has a Dragon Heartstring core. It is 12 inches long with a Supple Flexibility. Papa says that it is 'by far one of the finest wands Ollivander ever crafted'.  I named the wand my father bestowed upon me "Tempest".

While Tempest accepted me as the new owner, the connectivity between us was a little strained. There were moments I could feel the energy pulling away from me, but it would always return. After my experience with Apollonis, I was rightfully cautious about wand temperament and I withheld a little of my magical energy to avoid being hurt again. The wounds of losing Apollonis so soon after losing my mother were raw, freshly lingering within my soul. But, Papa assured me that Ash Wood is more forgiving than Sycamore. He told me I had nothing to worry about. Having complete faith in my father's words, I took comfort and began to embrace my relationship with his beloved former companion. With my father's guidance, I started practicing basic wand handling skills using Tempest .

My father was eager for me to have a personalized wand, so he did a little research. We didn't buy from Ollivanders because Papa said that Ollivanders is a bit pricey these days and finds that the current owners prefer profit over the artistry of Wandlore. I was excited when my father presented me with a list of 5 wand shops to choose from.  It was a tough decision. However, I chose a small family owned business called Orchard Works, deep in an isolated valley in the New World. The wands at Orchard Works have a magical essence about them. From the moveable images alone, I could feel the life they extended, as each wand whispered to me a little of who it was. These things made me very happy. Since The New World Wand Makers Corporation have a really great reputation for quality wands at reasonable prices, my father was also quite ecstatic.

The owners of Orchard Works believe it is crucial for each perspective wand owner to share general wand preferences and an image projection when you cannot be there in person. Papa told me this was done to ensure that the wand chooses the witch or wizard. The wand that chose me is a curvy blade Ash wood wand with a Unicorn Hair core. It is 12 ¼ inches long and has Unyielding Flexibility. So, I am looking forward to meeting my wand for the first time.

A week ago, I received an electronic owl informing me that my new wand had been shipped and would soon arrive.  When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised. At no additional cost, I received two Ash Wood wands, both 12 ¼  inches long with Unyielding Flexibility! The only physical difference in the wands is that one has a straight blade and the other a curvy blade.

Apparently, the wand that choose me began to behave sporadically as the wand maker attempted to put it in the box. It repelled itself out of the box, settling in the wand maker's hand. Thinking the selection a mistake, the wand maker attempted to put the wand back on the shelf, but again it repelled away from the shelf and into her hand.  Seeing no other recourse, the wand maker carefully opened the wand for the purpose of exploration and was surprised to find a thick golden Unicorn Hair inside.

The ends of the hair were splintered, so she carefully pulled it apart, forming two relatively equal hairs. One strand of the golden hair was returned inside the wand's core. The wand shot up into the air, hovered for a few second and began slowly spinning around with a golden light emanated from its body. As the spinning subsided, the wand slowly sealed itself. The golden glow faded to a faint white before the wand began lowering itself and nestled down inside the packaging box.

The wand maker decided to imbue the second hair into another wand. Having never split a golden Unicorn Hair before, the wand maker thought it best to keep the wands together.  The idea of special Twin wands was beyond my level of understanding, but I was most grateful to finally have not one wand, but two to call my own for my first year at Hogwarts!

Upon holding one wand in each hand, a sense of profound contentment spread from the palm of my hands and throughout my body. There was an unparalleled warmth permeating within me, as though it was racing through my blood. In that moment, I realized that the wands had indeed chosen the witch. I named the curvy wand "Xander", meaning 'Protector of Mankind' in Greek. The straight wand, I am calling "Apollonia" in honor of my first wand. The name means 'Truth, Light and Beauty'. Thus begins my journey into the world of *magic*!

Amirah LaScrib