Short Story 2 - "When James Met Jessica"

Short Story 2 - “When James Met Jessica”

James Blake looked like a normal but timid young man. He was very much into everything Herbology and would like to step in the footsteps of his hero, Neville Longbottom. Unfortunately, James’ parents didn’t have a lot of money. Everything he owned was second-hand or third-hand or fourth-hand. So not really the kind of boy for Jessica van der Bilt. Her family literarily swam in money and she took every opportunity to show she was rich. Her parents actually wanted to send her to a private school of magic in the States. But Jessica wanted to attend Hogwarts because of all the famous people that went there.

Jessica always had an inevitable group of followers behind her. Girls who wanted to be just like her, and boys that wanted to be with her. When Jessica was told to sit next to James, she thought Professor Tudor was kidding. During the whole class, she stared at Professor Tudor like she had something weird between her teeth. Jessica became annoyed by James’ enthusiasm about the subject.

“Jeeez...”Jessica thought, “How can anyone be so happy about Dandelions...I didn’t even know it was a magical plant. It looks so common...more like Dandelames.”

James loved the second year assignment. It was not different really from what he normally did. He loved getting the materials from Professor Tudor and preparing the cup, seeding and fertilizing. He would come to the greenhouse every day after the last class to water his plant and keep a diary of its progress. He saw that the girl next to him didn’t feel as excited as him. He didn’t care. Everybody at school seemed to adore her, mainly because she had a lot of money. But James didn’t have the feeling that she cared about anything.

When Professor Tudor announced that the class was dismissed, Jessica and her gang were the first ones to leave the greenhouse. James stayed there to talk to the Professor. In the background he could hear Michelle Tyler complaining how it wasn’t fair for Jessica, that she was placed next to him. He pretended like he didn’t hear the rest of the conversation.

Continue the story through the next seven chapters and see how Herbology 201 pans out for both James and Jessica here.

Dante Greywolf