Column #2 - The Moaning Millennial

Column #2 - “The Moaning Millenial”

WARNING: Piece contains extreme hypocritical preaching 

Welcome to the new social column, a preaching, irritating and thoroughly loathsome piece that will be appearing monthly in the Hogwarts Entertainment Magazine, discussing (or rather piously ranting about) topics of today's society that are relevant to our generation and extremely depressing. Sounds annoying already, doesn't it? Well, it will be. The whole point of this column is to scrutinise the recent generation known as millennials, a generation I myself am part of, and try and get them into gear. I'll be addressing this group as a whole, even though I know there are many exceptions and no one is entirely ignorant concerning any of the matters I'll be debating here - but who can resist a bit of sweeping generalisation?

If you are someone who dislikes another person highlighting a problem and reminding you it's there and that you have to deal with it, or simply a sad, scathing writer like me telling you that something's gotta be done about it, this isn't a column you want to read - the memes below are much more enjoyable. In fact, I'd be surprised if this gets any reads, but I have to vent somewhere about my horrifying generation, so, let's get started! (and please note the sarcasm in my voice there).

My topic for this month is about is preachy as you can get - getting up off your arse and learning something about politics. Let's face it, our generation and the one above it, are lazy. It's not entirely our fault, considering the society we’ve been brought up in and the constant bombardment of trends, social and physiological, that we have to follow to fit in, but it still stands that we need to move and do something.

First things first, we've got to actually work to understand just what's going going on with international politics, whichever stance you take (Capitalist, Communist, Socialist, Right, Centre, Left, Republican, Democrat, you name it). So many of the recent generation are ignorant of what's actually going on because no one’s bothered to teach us. I've learnt my politics from my parents, who took the time to explain what was going on and let me decide how to interpret it and what side to take, but most are not that lucky, and they've got to make the effort to learn - well I should be saying you've got to make the effort to learn, to be honest, because all of us are politically ignorant and all of us need to make an effort. Laziness isn't normally damaging, but here, it most certainly is.

I'm generalising everyone again, but there are so many guilty of not making the effort to actually understand what's going on and leave it all to the forty-somethings and above because, and this is the harsh truth - we’re immature and expect the ‘adults’ to take care of things, like little children. Yeah, learning how much sh*t in the world is happening is depressing, but for christ’s sake, we’re the next generation. We’re gonna be running the world one day, and we’re not going to have a bloody clue of how to do it unless we discover political opinion for ourselves.

Last year, I attended a drama workshop that focused on political voice and opinions and how it should affect portrayal of modern-day society. At one point, all the participants, a group of around fifteen people in the twelve to sixteen age range, were asked why they thought millennials like themselves are politically ignorant and uninformed in the area of politics. It had already been admitted by all of them that millennials are, some even confessing that they thought themselves to be part of that group. Surprisingly, none of us were divided by this question: our opinion was that, although politics should be taught more ins schools to give youths an understanding of what's going on, we should also make an effort to get up and learn about it ourselves because we can't depends on the school system or government to teach us what we need to know.

Now obviously you're not gonna want to listen to a group of teenagers who have no acting ability whatsoever and were thrown into said workshop most likely because their parents wanted them out of the house do a couple of hours, but, well, the truth is that you're going to have throw any of those opinions out of the window, because no matter who said it, that statement is correct. As I've repeated several times in this, just to make you feel uncomfortable, angry and, hopefully, guilty - we’re a bloody lazy generation, and that needs to change. And the first thing we need to do so as destroy the very true opinions of us held by those in charge of the system , is to make an effort, even if it's only in the way of understanding politics.

Of course, it's your choice - I can guarantee a large percentage or perhaps all who have a managed to read to the end of this harbour a distinct dislike or hatred for me due to the fact that I've called you lazy, ignorant and unaware (and because of the harsh truth it is). Like it or not, however, it is the truth, proven by observation, statistics and glaring honesty. So you can hate me and the truth, supporting the stereotype and remain ignorant if you are guilty of political unawareness, or you can get up off your arse and try to understand what's really going on. One of the main reasons we have Capitalist governments is because the younger generation, who are mainly would-be socialists, don't do anything to support fairer political systems that would help them.

You don't have to be a politician - you just might wanna know what's going on whilst the world’s going tits-up.

The Moaning Millennial
(who would not like any hate mail, thanks very much)