Emilia Vastag
i write so much fanfiction i actually get cramps in my wrists, and that is all you need to know about me.
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My Backstory
Being a muggle-born in Hogwarts is difficult, I guess. There's no wifi here, and everyone's kinda clueless about a lot of things. At best, its hilarious to see them try to manage simple tasks like turning on a laptop or doing their laundry without magic. At worst, being here makes me wish I never got my acceptance letter.

I don't regret anything though, even if I do joke about wishing I could go back to a somewhat normal life in London. A year at this unbelievable school has turned everything I thought I knew upside down without warning, and I'm still getting used to some of it. I wouldn't trade my life here for the world (especially if it meant giving up those AMAZING feasts at christmas time...)

I honestly hope to learn anything and everything that my professors can teach me. Ravenclaw pride, and all that.

{first year, astrology lover, and anti-discrimination! spread knowledge and light, not hate}